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   updated 21/10/2017

Bach-fest'2017 - 22-d International Festival of J.S.Bach's music.

Bach-fest'2017 presents concerts of the International Festival of Bach & baroque music. Musicians from 14/10 to 15/11 have been participate at 6 concerts of the Festival. Ukrainian and foreign musicians will promote historically correct interpretation of Bach’s and baroque music.

Schedule of concerts

October, 14, 18-00
Philharmonic Society
Taras Baginec, organ, Ekaterinburg (Russia)

October, 19, 18-00
Philharmonic Society
Michal Markuszewski, organ, Warsaw (Poland)

October, 21, 18-00
Philharmonic Society
Kyrylo Sharapov, violin, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Anna Shcherbyna, cello
, Kyiv (Ukraine)
Natalia Fomenko, harpsichord, Kyiv (Ukraine)

October, 30, 18-00
Philharmonic Society
Artem Kucan, violin, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Nazar Kozhuchar, violin
, Moskow (Russia)
Pracht-Ensemble, chamber ensemble, Odesa (Ukraine)

October, 31, 19-00
Philharmonic Society
Dido & Aeneas, baroque opera, Lviv, Kyiv (Ukraine)
, Moskow (Russia)

November, 15, 18-00
Philharmonic Society

Karin Gyllenhammar, soprano, Bremen (Deutschland)
Viktoria Kuriloff, traverse flute, Bremen (Deutschland)
Irina Kisselova, baroque violine,
Bremen (Deutschland)
Ekaterina Kuzminykh, viola da gamba, Bremen (Deutschland)
Henrik Berg, harpsichord, Hamburg (Deutschland)

Welcome to our Bach-fest.

Orest Koval, producer & artistic director.

Ticket's booking: +38 0674565584; +38 0952559129