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Oleg Kudriashov, flute

Oleg Kudriashov studied at first in Moscow conservatory, then in France in Parisian conservatory (Professor G.Crunelle class), from which he graduated in 1959 with the 2-nd reward.

Oleg Kudriashov is the soloist of Kiev Philharmonic Society, directed the chamber ensemble of old music "Harmony", the professor in flute of Kiev Coriservatory, the laureate of international competition in Helsinki (The first award), the laureat of All-Union competition in Leningrad, the Honoured Artist of the Ukraine, the member of the American Flute Association, the member of the European Society of Culture.

Hourly play duo with Svitlana Shabaltina (harpsichord). This duet greatly performs abroad (Poland, The United States, France, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Rumania), has a great variety of programs from old music up to modern one. The press notes the depth of understanding of music, the virtuosity and brilliancy of performance.

"The artists, technicaly brilliant and musically extremely sensitive, displayed a wide range of expression, in which each section was fully comprehended and played with the utmost core. The Ukrainian works were particulary applaued, ecpecially the work by Vladimir Runchak proved to be a discovery". 
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