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updated 07/10/2001

Bach-fest'2001 - International Festival of J.S.Bach's music.

Culture is a medium of spiritual achievement from former generation to a progeny society. Bach's music doesn't only harmonize soul and neutralize the depressive state of a man but reflects in itself ethical-esthetical experience of numerous generations thrughout the world. My deep beliefs inspired me to organize Bach-fest Festival in Ukraine in 1995 and it became a unique event not only in this country but in all post-socialist countries.
Bach-fest'2001 presents concerts of the International Festival of Bach music. 17 musicians from 14/10 to 28/10 was participated at 6 concerts of the Festival. Collaboration Ukrainian and foreigner musicians at the perfomances will promote autentic interpretation of Bachs and baroque music in Ukraine. Taking into consideration the experience of the previous Festivals (Bach-fest'95,'96, '98, '99, '2000) more than 2000 people will attend the Bach-fest'2001 performances.

Welcome to our Bach-fest.

Orest Koval, producer & artistic director.